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As part of the company and brand, we want you to be aware of the current status of LiveWire™ motorcycles.

01 August 2014

By bringing to market such a groundbreaking new product as LiveWire, we are setting the standard for what a high-performance, no excuses electric motorcycle should be. And although leading the electrification of motorcycles is exciting, it also requires agility and that we face challenges head-on.   

At the end of last week, we notified all global LiveWire dealers that a non-standard condition was discovered during a final quality check. The condition was significant enough that we stopped production and deliveries until we understand the findings. Though this is disappointing for all of us, delivering high-quality motorcycles is our top priority and we’ll take the time to ensure LiveWire exceeds our expectations and those of our dealers and customers.

Our testing is progressing well as we approach this situation with care and urgency. As a precaution, we contacted all dealers and customers who have taken delivery of LiveWire motorcycles. We informed them they may continue riding their LiveWire motorcycles and should limit charging to only DC Fast Charge outlets.

After we conclude our analysis, we will share more about LiveWire, so you continue to be informed. If you are asked by customers about this week’s news headlines, we encourage you to share with them our long-standing commitment to quality. We take pride in the rigorous quality processes we employ and our drive to deliver the world’s best motorcycles.  

As for the experience LiveWire delivers, you can also point them to the many positive headlines that continue to praise the capabilities of this incredible motorcycle. As Wall Street Journal reporter Dan Neil has said of LiveWire “(it’s) the world’s best sportbike riding experience” and Forbes reporter Jason Fogelson called it “an impressive achievement.”

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